Plastic, reusable moving totes protect your possessions and provide a space-saving, stackable storage and moving solution. There are so many benefits to using plastic moving totes to safely store and move your possessions. 

Cardboard Boxes 360's Moving Totes
Collapse and break due to flimsy construction. Less protection for breakable items. Our solid, industrial-grade plastic totes will keep your possessions safe and organized without having to buy rolls of packing tape.
Affected by damp storage locations, rodents and insects and require packing tape to secure them. Keep your clothes and possessions dry and protected from little critters, whether storing for a few days or a few months.
Cardboard boxes are often odd-shaped, offer little organization and can be awkward to lift and move. Moving totes are great for organizing and packing because of their uniform size and shape.
They don't stack well and may collapse if stacked only a couple high. The PVC totes stack well and stack high, saving room and keeping your move organized.
When not in use, cardboard boxes don't stack well unless broken down and must be re-formed and re-taped to be used again. When not in use, empty plastic totes stack together to take up less space.
Cardboard boxes break down over time and cause increased waste at landfills. They also contribute to the harvest of trees from our environment. PVC totes are great for re-use. In fact, they have a lifespan of virtually 1000 times of a cardboard box.

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